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Online Banking is Safe

RSA® Adaptive Authentication features three powerful levels of security to guard access to user accounts

  • The first level requires the correct entry of a User ID and Password. These must match system records or access is refused.
  • The second level of identification is the device that person uses to sign in. If the computer, phone or tablet is not recognized, the customer or member will be required to answer a Security Challenge to ensure their identity.
  • The third level of authentication is based on geographic indicators. If a login attempt is made from a new geographic location, the user may be asked to complete a Security challenge to ensure their identity

Confirmation for the End User

Extended Validation (EV) certificates provide the end user a way to visually verify the security of the website before entering their online banking password or supplying answers to Security Challenge. EV certificates cause a secure browser's address bar to turn GREEN when the end user access an EV secured site. It also identifies the legitimate owner of the website.

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